Shipping policy

Following are a few common queries regarding our shipping policies, please check out our Shipping Policy for more detailed information.

Currently, we only ship our products within the UK.

Please contact us, ans d

Care and Maintenance

Following are some common questions regarding the maintenance of your yoga mats.

Simply wipe it off with some cold water and a damp cloth. Then, let it air dry before storing it away. Be sure to use a soft cloth and not a sponge or brush with a “scrubby” end as this can rip apart the mat. More detailed instructions are can be found here.

Avoid folding or creasing the mat. Please roll it up loosely with the cork surface facing out. If the mat does get wet, please let it air dry completely before rolling and storing it.

Our mats are primarily for yoga and pilates. However, these can also be used for more active workouts like HIIT.

We suggest against wearing shoes as these can damage the cork top layer.

Please note that using the mat for activities other that yoga and pilates can reduce the life of the mat in the long term. Hence, mats subject to other workouts would not be covered under any long term warranties.