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Cork Yoga Mat

Surya Namaskar crafts sustainable cork mats that will bring a touch of joy to each session.


All Rewards, No Risk. Try our mat for 100 days and return if you’re not satisfied. No questions asked!


Cork is a natural, sustainable material that is far more durable than other non-cork mats.

non slip

Our mats provide a non-slip environment, even when wet. Never second guess a pose again.


Stability, balance and comfort are achieved in any environment with 4 mm thickness and generous surface area.

Finally, a yoga mat that doesn’t hurt our planet

We are meticulous with sourcing sustainable materials. Our cork comes from oak cork trees in Portugal, and is lovelingly harvested in a way that allows the tree to not only grow back, but thrive.

Our mats have a natural rubber base, sourced from rubber trees in a healthy-preserving process that is akin to making maple syrup.


Revolutionise your yoga practise

A non-slip surface is a game-changer for your yoga practice. Whether you are in a hot yoga class or just sweating, these mats will continue to provide you with a very grippy surface. Never sacrifice a pose again.

Our mat is larger than others on the market. It provides a generous space, a perfect amount of cushioning, and is durable while still being flexible.

non-slip, even when wet
large surface area

Say goodbye to lingering odours and leaching chemicals

Cork is a natural material that is flexible and water resistant. This mat is as good for you as it is for the planet. It also means the mat doesn’t hold odour! Never let chemical-leeching mats impede your practice.

water resistant
doesn't hold odurs
easy to clean and care for

Risk free for 100 days

"My yoga performance has improved since getting this mat! I do hot yoga, and since using this Cork Yoga Mat, I have not slipped once."

-Sandra H.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Don’t take our word for it!

Surya Namaskar is trusted by Yogis

“This mat is perfect!

It feels so soft and padded beneath my feet and it doesn’t slip! I know it will be a game changer when coming to do headstands! Even when the mat gets a little sweaty - it still doesn’t slip!”


“Love this mat! The grip is incredible and definitely makes practicing easier and much better while the softness of it takes you to a sweet savasana 😍

Congratulations on this lovely product! I’m so pleased to have discovered it.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Our aim is to make our customers happy. We offer a 100-day risk free refund policy. You can read more about it here. If you have any issues with your product, please email us

These mats are perfect for hot yoga. The cork top surface ensures that your slippery hands don’t ruin your downward dog (we’ve been there!). You can read more about it here. You don’t need to use any other towels to stop you from slipping either.

Absolutely, please email us a copy of your certificate, and we can provide you with a discount code worth 25%.

Please checkout out main FAQs page here. You can also contact us directly with your queries.